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Short experience with Blaguna Cvetkovska


“Life is precious, meant to be cherished, and it offers only one chance, no repeats. Despite humble beginnings, my childhood was filled with joy and laughter, despite the lack of wealth, for money holds little value to me. Marriage blessed me with two daughters, Alex and Angela, and our happiness knew no bounds, surrounded by loved ones who enriched our lives.

Yet, tragedy struck, tearing our happiness asunder. First, the loss of my husband, followed by the unimaginable pain of losing my daughter, Angela, my angel, leaving me in despair. Amidst illness and hallucinations, diagnosed with liver cirrhosis, I found myself at the Idila Terzieva nursing home, where hope slowly returned, along with fragments of memory.

Supported by a dedicated team, led by Bojan and my loving sisters, they rallied around me, becoming my family, providing care and encouragement through the darkest of days. Physical therapists, Goran, Aleksandar, Viktor, and Kate, tirelessly worked to restore mobility, a feat I once deemed impossible.

Now, surrounded by kindness and camaraderie, boredom occasionally creeps in, yet each day brings purpose and joy. Grateful for the compassion of Mary, Elena, Betty, Dragana, and Nade, they’ve become my lifeline, alongside Magde, the psychologist, who offered unwavering support and challenging tasks.

While the home offers comfort and cleanliness, it’s the people who make it truly special. From shared meals to playful gatherings, friendships blossom, and laughter fills the air. Despite occasional disagreements, mutual respect prevails, fostering a sense of belonging.

Each day begins with music, a smile, and a desire for cleanliness, thanks to the tireless efforts of Sandriana, Sunchica. Grateful for the nourishing meals and accommodating staff, led by Betty and Dragana, who patiently cater to my preferences.

In this haven, I am known as Blagica, a name synonymous with gratitude and appreciation for the blessings bestowed upon me. To the entire team at Idila, I owe a debt of gratitude, for they are the heartbeat of this home, my second family. Their presence fills my days with purpose and joy, reminding me that life, despite its challenges, is indeed beautiful.”